Linda has come into school at Roding for several years now to provide 15 minute massages to staff. She offers a variety of massages, all lovely and relaxing and very reasonably priced. Staff members look forward to her visits and many would really like her to come in weekly!


She is very discreet, reliable and trustworthy. We have been very happy with the service she provides.


This is a positive way to help relieve stress for school staff and I would highly recommend her.


June Tarling

Office Manager

Roding Primary School


Linda has excellent healing hands; I have had the pleasure of working with her and being worked on therapeutically by her. I would highly recommend you work through her repertoire of holistic therapies, as they are all as good as each other.  


Everyone should be aware of their stressors and develop strategies to achieve a happy equilibrium: Hands on therapy is a vital part of doing just that. Give yourself a treatment on a regular basis and she will work miracles on your stress levels.  


Catherine Clapton  

Vice President 


Mobile: 07787511001

E-mail: [email protected]

Ilford, Essex

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