Hopi Ear Candling:-


Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, is an ancient therapy practised by many people on a world-wide basis. Its name is taken from the Hopi Indians of North Arizona, USA and means 'peaceful people'.


Hopi candling is a very safe therapy and its popularity is growing as more people become aware of its positive benefits.


The process of Hopi candling involves a specially designed hollow candle being inserted just inside the ear canal. The candle is then lit and the suction that is formed draws the impurities from within the ear. This process is known as the chimney effect. The rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and also helps to regulate ear pressure.


A gentle head, neck and shoulder massage is also part of the treatment.

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The therapies that I have received from Linda have been wonderful. Relaxing yet at the same time really getting to the source of the aching in my neck.

The Hopi treatment during my next visit was amazing, my first time, I was a little nervous but the surroundings were peaceful and the therapy just magical!

Debra McCann

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